Adam-12 (1968)

While on beat patrol they come across a homeless man who has been stabbed. They suspect a retired policeman, Jack Donohoe, living in the run down area who always seems to be on the scene at crimes there and take him in for questioning. That is followed by a call about a woman shooting a phone booth at Union Station. She has been bilked out of her money by an agent promising her a career in movies after coming from Missouri and then they find that her suitcase was stolen by a man who switched locker keys on her. The suitcase contains her pet rattlesnake, Henry. Donohoe is released when it is determined someone else is guilty and they drop him off at Union Station with a warning. They are called back to Union Station again to arrest a robbery suspect who fires at them. However, Donohue intervenes in the incident.

Bölüm: S03E19
Bölüm Adı: Log 165 -- Once a Cop
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 11.02.1971