Atomic Betty

Atomic Betty

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Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi 17.09.2004 Dizi Bitiş Tarihi 01.06.2006
Tür: Animation,Action,Adventure
Yeni Bölüm
Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 22.05.2005 S01E26 Franken Brain / Evil Idol
S01E26Franken Brain / Evil Idol22.05.2005
S01E25Twas the Fight Before Xmas / Toy Hystoryia08.05.2005
S01E24Dr. Cerebral and the Stupifactor Ray / Atomic Circ01.05.2005
S01E23Like Father24.04.2005
S01E22Wizard of Orb / Max-Land17.04.2005
S01E21The Incredible Shrinking Betty / Friends for Etern10.04.2005
S01E20Galactic Pirates of the Corralean / The Revenge of03.04.2005
S01E19No Business Like Snow Business / Infantor Rules!27.03.2005
S01E18Betty Vs. the Giant Killer Ants / Best (Mis)Laid P20.03.2005
S01E17Power Arrangers / Dream Come True13.03.2005
S01E16The Trouble With Triplets / Spider Betty06.03.2005
S01E15Power of the Pharoah / And the Winner is19.12.2004
S01E14Solar System Surfin' / Winter Carnival12.12.2004
S01E13Betty's Secret Admirer / Slime of the Century05.12.2004
S01E12Battle of the Bots / Martian Makeover28.11.2004
S01E11The Good21.11.2004
S01E10Self Sabotage / Crass Menagerie14.11.2004
S01E09Really Big Game / Substitute07.11.2004
S01E08The Great Race / Poached Egg31.10.2004
S01E07When Worlds Collide / The Ghost Ship of Aberdeffia21.10.2004
S01E06Attack of the Evil Baby / Space Brains17.10.2004
S01E05The Doppelganger / Cosmic Cake10.10.2004
S01E04Furball for the Sneeze / Maximus Displeasure03.10.2004
S01E03Spindly Tam Kanushu / Science Fair26.09.2004
S01E02But the Cat Came Back! / Lost in Spa19.09.2004
S01E01Atomic Roger / Toxic Talent17.09.2004