Adam-12 (1968)

Malloy and Reed are embarking on two tasks outside of their normal patrol. First, they are training for the upcoming police Olympics, where Mac hopes that ex-track star Reed will bring home at least one gold medal. And second, they are doing school outreach. With the latter, the latest school has them talking to a group of grade 5's. The students are an eager bunch, except for one boy - Tony Niccola - who they learn from Principal Wesley is generally a good boy despite his standoffishness. When Malloy and Reed find that the tires on their cruiser have been slashed just before they are about to leave, they naturally assume Tony the culprit if only because he was seen with a pocket knife, which is now conveniently missing. However, Tony vehemently denies having done the deed. The next day, Malloy and Reed are Olympics training at the local high school, where many of the grade 5's have come to watch. The surprise attendee is Tony. To show he trusts him, Reed asks Tony to get a stop watch out of Malloy's car, to which he agrees. That act, plus a visit by Tony's father, demonstrates why Tony has been so detached of late, and determines once and for all who slashed the tires the day before.

Bölüm: S02E01
Bölüm Adı: Log 015: Exactly One Hundred Yards
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 20.09.1969