Adam-12 (1968)

The officers are on patrol in a section of town made up heavily of retired people. As they start patrol they spot a man who stole a purse being chased by an oriental woman in her car in a cemetery. The man escapes over a wall. George,a retired officer who works private security flags them down primarily to talk. While driving they spot an elderly man trying to break into a car in a church parking lot. The minister wants to let him go but he has multiple outstanding felony warrants for auto theft. As they stop at a restaurant, they spot a commotion across the street. An elder woman is claiming an elder man made an indecent proposal but the apartment manager explains the woman is being evicted and the man says he offered to let her stay at his place. The woman states her son will pick her up but while eating the officers see her smashing their windshield with a hammer so they have to take her in. While patrolling the park, they settle an argument between two men about a five dollar bill and rescue a baby stroller rolling into the lake. They spot the man they chased in the cemetery at a church. They close out the day with an arrest assisted by George who admits he is lonely as his friends have passed.

Bölüm: S06E02
Bölüm Adı: Rampart Division
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 19.09.1973