Hell's Kitchen (US)

It's down to the final two contestants who have survived the wrath of Ramsay and many disastrous nights at Hell's Kitchen. In the two-hour season finale, Ramsay turns HK over to the battling duo by dividing the restaurant in half - with each wannabe chef designing a portion of the restaurant. From décor, to creating the menu, to naming the spot, the contestants will be tested on how they run the restaurant and the kitchen on their own. These chefs will need some help slicing and dicing their way to win the final challenge, and to their surprise, Ramsay hand-picks former contestants to staff the kitchen and help the final two achieve their goal. Tempers blaze and egos boil as the wannabe chefs do their best to emulate the high standards taught and expected by Ramsay. Who will succumb to the pressure, and who will Ramsay crown head chef?

Bölüm: S01E10
Bölüm Adı: 2 Chefs Compete
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 01.08.2005