Random Acts

Jordan Stephens presents more of the best creative short films on television, from music to animation, from dance to spoken word and anything visually random in between. Hot Chip side-project New Build's hilarious music video Luminous Freedom quickly becomes an addictive word game. Blackest Day is a moving dance piece inspired by accounts of shell-shocked soldiers who fought at the Somme. Again and Again and Again is a supersaturated satire on the future of data storage by artist Rachel McLean. Springing is a pastel-hued film by fast-emerging filmmaker Sophie Littman about a boy overcoming his nerves at a trampoline club. In Leo Leigh's deliciously noir comedy Sometimes Chinese, a downtrodden husband has an epiphany when he orders takeaway. Finally, Recode, one of Jordan's favourite films of the series, is a monochrome dance and spoken word performance about the experience of living with dyslexia by Birmingham's Man Made Youth Company.

Bölüm: S02E03
Bölüm Adı: Episode 3
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 24.11.2016