Random Acts

Jordan Stephens presents more of the best creative short films on television, from music to animation, dance, spoken word and anything visually random in between. George Wu's delightful animation explores the delicate dance of an office romance and an elephant in the room. Filmed in Berlin, visual art piece Mirrored by Ill-Studio explores architecture and our experience of it. In Saeed Taji Farouky's spectacular period piece They Live in Forests, They Are Extremely Shy, an indigenous Australian man comes face to face with a horrifying spectacle in an exhibition in Victorian London. A musical performance by 88 cymbals is shot from above in Florian Habicht's piece, Boredoms, which is a collaboration with the Japanese band of the same name.

Bölüm: S02E05
Bölüm Adı: Episode 5
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 08.12.2016