Sunny D

It's time for Dane to step up and make some life changes - but will he be able to see them through?Dane makes the decision to finally move out of his parents' house after being tricked by his sister. Dane will now need his dead-end job more than ever, so he attempts to tolerate the advances of his ferocious, flirtatious boss Kerry (Katherine Ryan). However, this lands him in hot water when his girlfriend Nicola arrives at his office ready to help him find a place to rent, but instead catches him in a hugely compromising position with Kerry.The news of Dane's antics spread fast, leaving his family furious, so Dane gets some calming advice from his best friend Stefan (David Ajao). After some words of encouragement Dane begs for Nicola's forgiveness but she tells him they are over until he steps up and takes control of his life.Dane delivers a sincere apology, but will it be enough to save his relationship?

Bölüm: S01E02
Bölüm Adı: D is for Desire
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 20.11.2016