Citizen Khan

Sitcom following the trials and tribulations of self-appointed Muslim community leader Mr Khan and his long-suffering family. In this festive episode, Mr Khan tips his hat to Frank Capra's Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life, with Sparkhill taking the place of Bedford falls and Mr Khan, like George Bailey, facing up to the fact that his life hasn't turned out the way he planned it. An encounter with a mysterious heavenly passer-by shows him how things might have been different and convinces him that, despite all its frustrations, his is a 'Khanderful Life' after all. Mr Khan narrates as the story goes back in time to the the Khan's early years.

Bölüm: S05E07
Bölüm Adı: It's a Khanderful Life
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 23.12.2016