Being Mary Jane

Being Mary Jane

Mary Jane Paul is a one-woman show: a successful TV news anchor, entirely self-sufficient – an all-around powerhouse who remains devoted to a family that doesn't share her motivation.

As Mary Jane juggles her life, her work and her commitment to her family, we find out how far she's willing to go to find the puzzle pieces that she, and society, insist are missing from her life as a single Black female.

Tür: Drama,Family
Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi: 02.07.2013
Dizi Bitiş Tarihi:
Yeni Bölüm: -
Son Yayınlanan Bölüm: S04E21 - Finale: The Wedding - 23.04.2019
S04E21Finale: The Wedding23.04.2019İzlemedim
S04E20Feeling Tested19.09.2017İzlemedim
S04E19Feeling Seen12.09.2017İzlemedim
S04E18Feeling Destined05.09.2017İzlemedim
S04E17Feeling Lost29.08.2017İzlemedim
S04E16Feeling Ambushed22.08.2017İzlemedim
S04E15Feeling Hashtagged15.08.2017İzlemedim
S04E14Feeling Friendless08.08.2017İzlemedim
S04E13Feeling Exposed01.08.2017İzlemedim
S04E12Feeling Conflicted25.07.2017İzlemedim
S04E11Feeling Raw18.07.2017İzlemedim
S04E10Getting It21.03.2017İzlemedim
S04E09Getting Serious14.03.2017İzlemedim
S04E08Getting Risky07.03.2017İzlemedim
S04E07Getting Judged28.02.2017İzlemedim
S04E06Getting Home21.02.2017İzlemedim
S04E05Getting Served14.02.2017İzlemedim
S04E04Getting Schooled07.02.2017İzlemedim
S04E03Getting Real31.01.2017İzlemedim
S04E02Getting Naked17.01.2017İzlemedim
S04E01Getting Nekkid10.01.2017İzlemedim

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