The X Factor (UK)

The X Factor (UK)

Thousands audition. Only one can win. The search is on for the next singing Superstar.

The X Factor is a talent show in which the participants have to audition before a jury.

Tür: Music
Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi: 04.09.2004
Dizi Bitiş Tarihi:
Yeni Bölüm: -
Son Yayınlanan Bölüm: S15E28 - Live Finals: Winner Announcement - 02.12.2018
S15E28Live Finals: Winner Announcement02.12.2018İzlemedim
S15E27Live Finals: Top 3 Perform01.12.2018İzlemedim
S15E26Live Semi-Finals Results25.11.2018İzlemedim
S15E25Live Semi-Finals24.11.2018İzlemedim
S15E24Live Show 5 Results18.11.2018İzlemedim
S15E23Live Show 517.11.2018İzlemedim
S15E22Live Show 4 Results11.11.2018İzlemedim
S15E21Live Show 410.11.2018İzlemedim
S15E20Live Show 3 Results04.11.2018İzlemedim
S15E19Live Show 303.11.2018İzlemedim
S15E18Live Show 2 Results28.10.2018İzlemedim
S15E17Live Show 227.10.2018İzlemedim
S15E16Live Show 1 Results21.10.2018İzlemedim
S15E15Live Show 120.10.2018İzlemedim
S15E14Judges' Houses 314.10.2018İzlemedim
S15E13Judges' Houses 213.10.2018İzlemedim
S15E12Judges' Houses 107.10.2018İzlemedim
S15E11Six Chair Challenge 306.10.2018İzlemedim
S15E10Six Chair Challenge 230.09.2018İzlemedim
S15E09Six Chair Challenge 129.09.2018İzlemedim
S15E08Auditions 823.09.2018İzlemedim
S15E07Auditions 722.09.2018İzlemedim
S15E06Auditions 616.09.2018İzlemedim
S15E05Auditions 515.09.2018İzlemedim
S15E04Auditions 409.09.2018İzlemedim
S15E03Auditions 308.09.2018İzlemedim
S15E02Auditions 202.09.2018İzlemedim
S15E01Auditions 101.09.2018İzlemedim

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