Pop's new scripted comedy Nightcap is a laugh-at-itself, satirical look at the late-night TV landscape, set behind the scenes of the fictitious talk show Nightcap With Jimmy. Every week, A-list celebrities stop by as they would on any real-life talk show - only this time, viewers get an exaggerated look at the hilarity backstage.

Insanity, absurdity and urgency reign, and it's up to head talent booker Staci to wrangle both her dysfunctional staff and the myriad of stars who bring their quirks, diva demands and peculiar antics to the set.

Tür: Comedy
Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi: 16.11.2016
Dizi Bitiş Tarihi:
Yeni Bölüm: -
Son Yayınlanan Bölüm: S02E10 - The Show Might Go On, Part 2 - 02.08.2017
S02E10The Show Might Go On, Part 202.08.2017İzlemedim
S02E09The Show Might Go On, Part 126.07.2017İzlemedim
S02E08Bringing Up The Baby19.07.2017İzlemedim
S02E07Poop Show12.07.2017İzlemedim
S02E06Spinster Code05.07.2017İzlemedim
S02E05Always a Beard, Never a Bride28.06.2017İzlemedim
S02E04Single White Staci21.06.2017İzlemedim
S02E03What Would Staci Do?14.06.2017İzlemedim
S02E02Match Game07.06.2017İzlemedim
S02E01Out of the Box07.06.2017İzlemedim

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