Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

The Mysterons: sworn enemies of Earth, possessing the ability to recreate an exact likeness of an object or person. But first, they must destroy. Leading the fight, one man fate has made indestructible. His name: Captain Scarlet.

In the year 2068, a manned mission to the planet Mars ends in disaster when the crew of an Earth exploration vehicle encounters an amazing Martian city populated by the invisible Mysterons; misinterpreting the inhabitants' use of cameras as an act of aggression, the crew believe that they are under attack and destroy the entire complex with missiles. However, the Mysteron city then recreates itself using the unearthly process known as retrometabolism, and the enraged Mysterons vow to exact their revenge upon Earth by engaging humanity in a war of nerves. The Mysterons are able convert anyone or anything to their cause by destroying the original and then recreating it as a new, ‘Mysteronised' agent - capable of employing any means necessary to bring about the downfall of the human race…
Earth's line of defence against the alien attackers is the world security organisation known as Spectrum; led by Colonel White, Spectrum uses all its available resources to thwart the Mysteron threat, including a crack team of colour-coded agents, the sleek but deadly Angel Interceptors and the tank-like Spectrum Pursuit Vehicles. One of Spectrum's top agents is Captain Scarlet; once a Mysteron agent, Scarlet was able to throw off his conditioning and regain his sense of loyalty to Spectrum, with the added bonus that he is now indestructible. Fearless in his mission to protect Earth, Captain Scarlet is aided by the brave and intelligent Captain Blue, and together they attempt to defeat the menace of the Mysterons.

Developed by Gerry Anderson, ‘Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons' is a darker, grittier series to its predecessor, ‘Thunderbirds'. The puppets used are more lifelike and correctly-proportioned, and the show has an increased level of reality and violence - characters are injured, and even die, and Spectrum are not always successful in defeating the latest Mysteron masterplan.

Tür: Action,Children
Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi: 29.09.1967
Dizi Bitiş Tarihi: 01.05.1968
Yeni Bölüm: -
Son Yayınlanan Bölüm: S01E32 - The Inquisition - 14.05.1968
S01E32The Inquisition14.05.1968İzlemedim
S01E31Attack on Cloudbase07.05.1968İzlemedim
S01E30Flight to Atlantica30.04.1968İzlemedim
S01E28Codename Europa09.04.1968İzlemedim
S01E27The Launching02.04.1968İzlemedim
S01E26Expo 206826.03.1968İzlemedim
S01E25Noose of Ice12.03.1968İzlemedim
S01E24Place of Angels08.03.1968İzlemedim
S01E23Flight 10401.03.1968İzlemedim
S01E22Treble Cross23.02.1968İzlemedim
S01E21Fire at Rig 1516.02.1968İzlemedim
S01E20Dangerous Rendezvous09.02.1968İzlemedim
S01E19Shadow of Fear02.02.1968İzlemedim
S01E18Crater 10126.01.1968İzlemedim
S01E17Renegade Rocket19.01.1968İzlemedim
S01E15Seek and Destroy05.01.1968İzlemedim
S01E14Model Spy29.12.1967İzlemedim
S01E13Point 78322.12.1967İzlemedim
S01E12Lunarville 715.12.1967İzlemedim
S01E11The Heart of New York08.12.1967İzlemedim
S01E10Special Assignment01.12.1967İzlemedim
S01E09Spectrum Strikes Back24.11.1967İzlemedim
S01E08Operation Time17.11.1967İzlemedim
S01E07The Trap10.11.1967İzlemedim
S01E06White as Snow03.11.1967İzlemedim
S01E03Big Ben Strikes Again13.10.1967İzlemedim
S01E02Winged Assassin06.10.1967İzlemedim
S01E01The Mysterons29.09.1967İzlemedim

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